Clan Stewart

Clan Stewart Today

Our Clan is spread internationally but here in Canada the official uniting of our clan started in 2005 as Clan Stewart-Stuart of Nova Scotia.  We changed the name and expanded across Canada in 2014 and became Clan Stewart Society of Canada. The Founder and First President was Jean MacKarcher-Watson, then Allan Stuart with Grant Rust being our President now. The Clan is an ardent supporter of Tartan Day April 6th and holds a dinner with Scottish entertainment on this date. In 2016 the Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia, His Honor Brigadier General J.J. Grant and his wife attended the event in support of many Clans as well as the Stewart Clan.  The Clan supports many causes that highlight Scottish Heritage including the replica of the orginal ship that arrived in Pictou, the Ship Hector which brought Scottish settlers in 1773 with passenger John Stewart.

Origins of the Clan

The Stewarts who became monarchs of Scotland were descended from a family who were seneschhals of Dol in Brittany, France. After the Norman conquest of England the Stewarts acquired estates in England as the FitzAlan family, also Earls of Arundel, Walter Fitz Stewards that the surname Stewart came from. Walter was created High Steward of Scotland and was granted large estates in Renfrewshire and East Lothian.  Walter was one of the commanders of the royal army which defeated Somerled of the Isles at the Battle of Renfrew in 1164. During the Wars of Scottish Indepence, James Stewart, 5th High Steward of Scotland swore fealty to Edward I of England. However he later sided with Robert the Bruce and William Wallace in the struggle for Scottish independence.

The Royal House of Stewart included Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland and married Marjory, the daughter of King Robert the Bruce. When Robert's son David II of Scotland died, he was succeded by Walter Stewart's son, Robert II of Scotland.  King Robert II had many sons, the eldest, John, succeeded to the throne of Scotland as Robert III of Scotland. The royal line of male Stewarts was uninterrupted until the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots.  As a family the Stewarts held the throne of Scotland and later England until the death of Anne, Queen of Great Britain in 1714.

The Albany Stewarts are a branch that held the Dukedom of Albany and it was bestowed on Sons of Scottish and later the British Royal Family.  Apart from the Royal House of Stewart the three main brances of the clan that settled in the Scottish Highlands during the 14th and 15th Centuries were the Stewarts of Appin, Stewarts of Atholl and Stewarts of Balquhidder There are also the Stuarts of Bute who were descendants Robert ll of Scotland.(source wikipedia)

Mary Stewart Queen of Scots

Our Family Members

Stewart Septs

Stewart of Appin Septs

Boyd, Carmichael, Dennison, Denniston, France, Francis, Lennox, Lisle, Lombard, Lumbard, Lyle MacMichael, Menteith, Monteath, Monteith, Moodie, Moody, Steuard, Steuart, Stuart
Carmichael, Clay, Combe, Combich, Combie, Conlay, Conley, Donlevy, Leay, Levack, Livingstone, Lorne, MacClay, MacColl, MacCombe, MacCombich, MacCombie, MacComie, MacDonleavy, MacKindlay, MacKinley,MacLae, MacLay, MacLea, MacLeay, MacLew, MacMichael, MacNairn, MacNucator, MacRob, MacRobb, Mitchel, Mitchelson, Robb, Walker

Stewart of Bute

Stewart of Athol

Conacher, Cruickshank, Cruickshanks,Cruikshank, Duilach, Garrow, Gray, Larnach, Larnack, MacGarrow, MacGlashan
Ballantyne, BAnnatyne, Caw, Fullarton, Fullerton, Hunter, Jameson, Jamieson, Lewis, Loy, MacCaa, MacCammie, MacCloy, MacCurdy, MacElheran, MacKerron, MacKirdy, MacLewis, MacLouis, MacMune, MacMurtrie, Malloy, Milloy, Munn, Meilson, Sharp